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Retrospective Reports 2022


Oct-Dec 2022
OCT-DEC 2022 Report
  • Universe may have begun the process of disintegration and renewal
  • Unsolved Mystery of Fatima Prophecy Revealed
  • The books: How the Specter of Communism is Ruling our World
  • Falun Gong Practitioners Create Powerful Giant Falun & Chinese Characters in Taiwan
  • History of Falun Gong Character Formation in China
JUL-SEP 2022 Report
  • Destroy Family Structure
  • Test Tube Baby shakes Cornerstone of Society
  • Judge reacts to Winning his Faith after 30 years
  • How the Specter of Communism is ruling our World
  • A Young Women’s experience with Falun Dafa
  • Manhattan Hanging Sun
MAY-JUN 2022 Report
  • What the West can Teach on the Deceitfulness of the CCP
  • The Abortion- Autism Link – Unconsented Risk
  • Preliminary Stage of Communism
  • A Family’s Letter
  • History of the Communist International Underground Team
  • Near-Death Experience Leads Single Mother to Falun Dafa
MAR-APR 2022 Report
  • Tocqueville Explains the Process of Falling into Tyranny
  • Mandates Force Doctors to Violate their Religious Beliefs
  • The Wind with a Tide
  • Sir Russell Coutts to Join Anti- Forced Vaccine Campaign
  • From Dancing and Black Death to the Drugs Persecution
JAN-FEB 2022 Report
  • How the Specter of Communism is Ruling our World
  • Communism’s European Beginnings
  • Experts believe humans must change, if virus not eliminated
  • Tik Tok Shady. Pushing……..
  • Swedish Musician gives up Drug after………
  • Report of the World Summit in September 2021
  • Taiwan – Mr Democracy